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Three Days in October: APSCUF Strong Vol. 35


David D. Chambers
Erika Frenzel
Nadene L'Amoreaux
Jamie Martin
Robert Mutchnick


Table of Contents

Introducing Three Days in October


Nadene L'Amoreaux: Opening Day Remarks
PR1: "Negotiations Statement"--12/24/14
PR2: "Session Breaks Down"--6/12/15
PR3: "Negotiations Update"--9/22/15
PR4: "System Rejects Contract Compromise"--10/6/15

Jamie S. Martin and Kenneth M. Mash: (Many More Than) Three Days in October: Negotiating for a New Contract
PR5: "APSCUF Negotiations Statement"--10/12/15
PR6: "APSCUF Offers Contract Compromise"--10/14/15
PR7: "System Rejects Contract Compromise"--11/20/15
PR8: "APSCUF to Discuss Possible Job Action"--4/8/16

Nancy VanArsdale: The Fiery Inner Core of Solidarity at East Stroudsburg University: With a Special Recognition of Dr. Allan Benn's Strike Leadership
PR9: "APSCUF Delays Vote"--4/9/16
PR10: "Negotiations End in Frustration and Anger"--4/28/16
PR11: "System Proposals Harm Quality Education"--6/10/16

David D. Chambers: Paddington Spokesperson
PR12: "Negotiations Stagnant"--6/24/16
PR13: "No Major Progress on Contract"--7/19/16
PR14: "Two-Day Session Concludes"--8/10/16

Erika Frenzel: From Righ tto Work State to a Strong Union State
PR15: "Strike Authorization Vote Sent to Campuses"--8/25/16
PR16: "Contract Remains Elusive"--8/31/16
PR17: "Strike Authorization Vote Begins"--9/7/16

Pat Heilman: Principles of Unionism
PR18: "No Closer to a Contract"--9/7/16
PR19: "Faculty Members Vote to Authorize Strike"--9/12/16
PR20: "Little Progress but No Strike Date"--9/16/16
PR21: "APSCUF Requests Binding Arbitration"--9/20/16


Matthew Vetter and Mary Stewart: New Faculty Reflections on the Strike
PR22: "APSCUF Sets Strike Date"--9/23/16

Katrina L. Miller: Slowing Down: A New Faculty Member's Reflections
PR23: Documenting Unfair Labor Practice"--9/26/16

Brian Carpenter: Reflections on the APSCUF Strike: October 2016
PR24: "We Are Anything but Teaching Machines"--9/29/16

David I. Backer: Singing in Center City
PR25: "Rally at State System Headquarters"--10/3/16

Glen A. Ishoy: Three Days on the Strike Line: A New Faculty Member's Perspective
PR26: "APSCUF Moves Off Campus"--10/11/16

Abigail Hennon: A Graduate Student's Social Media Experience of the October 2016 Strike: #withAPSCUF
PR27: "Begin Marathon Negotiations Session"--10/14/16

Renae Shawgo: Having a Say & Making Peace
PR28: "Bargaining Yields No Promise"--10/14/16

Todd Thompson: Modes of Production

Todd Thompson: "I'd Rather Be Teaching" (an Ekphrastic Poem)

Peter Faziani: Disrupting the Routine: Going on Strike
PR29: "Second Day of Talks"--10/15/16

Jamie Phillips: Flat Stanley and Little Tom: The Strike on Facebook
PR30: "APSCUF and the State System Begins News Embargo"--10/15/16

Henry Yukevich: Strike
PR31: "News Blackout Over"--10/18/16

Gian S. Pagnucci: Diary of a Striking Faculty Member
PR32: "APSCUF Heads to Picket lines"--10/19/16

Wesley Scott McMasters: "What's Your Arrest Record Like?"

Timothy Oleksiak: Our Laboring Bodies
PR33: "Second Day of Strike"--10/2016

Roger Powell: October 19th

Kaitlin Tonti: Journaling the Strike


Nadene A. L'Amoreaux: In Retrospect...
PR34: "Strike Ends"--10/21/16

Robert Mutchnick: The "Wolf" is Here
PR35: "Vote in December on Contract Ratification"--11/18/16

Seth Kahn: From Solidarity Invoked to Solidarity Built
PR36: "Vote in Favor of Contract Ratification"--12/8/16

David B. Downing: Three Days in October: A Wide-Angle View

Jacqueline S. Hodes: To Transformation: Reflections on a Strike

Reena Dube: An Impressionistic Take from Elsewhere: 293
A Transnational Hyphenated Perspective on the APSCUF Strike

PR37: "Leaders Sign Contracts"--12/20/16

Three Days in October: Photographically Speaking
The Strike in Images: Faculty Solidarity
The Strike in Images: Dixon Center Harrisburg
The Strike in Images: The Media Perspective
The Strike in Images: Student Support
The Strike in Images: Union Dogs, Cats, and Chickens

Archival Materials

PR38: "Brogan Retires"
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