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Works and Days provides a scholarly forum for the exploration of problems in cultural studies, pedagogy, and institutional critique, especially as they are impacted by the global economic crisis of late capitalism.  Whereas most scholarly journals publish groups of relatively unrelated essays, each volume of Works and Days focuses on a specific issue, and contributors are encouraged to share their work with each other.

Recent special issues of the Works and Days journal have focused on the effect of globalization on women and the environment, the attacks on academic freedom, the privatization of higher education under neoliberal capitalism, the increasing exploitation of part-time, temporary faculty, the shift from print to electronic media, and the politics of knowledge.

We are eager to hear from anyone already at work on projects suitable for publication in Works and Days. We also encourage proposals for joint projects and will assist in their formation. In addition, we invite participants in symposia, conferences, and other research groups to consider developing their work through online collaboration and publishing their outcomes as special issues of Works and Days.

Forthcoming volume:

Works and Days: The Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Retrospective
Vol. 36, 2018-2019

Works & Days

Vol. 35

Three Days in October: APSCUF Strong

Edited by
David D. Chambers
Erika Frenzel
Nadene L’Amoreaux
Jamie Martin
Robert Mutchnick

Nadene L'Amoreaux Jamie S. Smith
Kenneth M. Mash Nancy VanArsdale
David D. Chambers Erika Frenzel
Pat Heilman Matthew Vetter
Mary Stewart Katrina Miller
Brian Carpenter David I. Backer
Glen A. Ishoy Abigail Hennon
Renae Shawgo Todd Thompson
Peter Faziani Jamie Phillips
Henry Yukevich Gian S. Pagnucci
Renee Dube Timothy Oleksiak
Roger Powell Kaitlin Tonti
Robert Mutchnick Seth Kahn
David B. Downing Jacqueline S. Hodes
Wesley Scott McMasters David Loomis and various APSCUF Faculty

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