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The 40th Anniversary Retrospective: Capitalism, Climate Change, and Rhetoric Vol. 36

Guest Ed.

Catherine Chaput


Table of Contents

Catherine Chaput: "Capitalism, Climate Change, and the Rhetorical Challenge"

Section 1: The 40th Anniversary Retrospective

Jeffrey J. Williams: "Toward an Institutional Critique: An Interview with David B. Downing"

Brian G. Caraher: Turning Point '68: From Tet to Chicago, Paris to D.C., Hesiod to Works and Days"

Kathryn Lambrecht: Building and Reflecting, Constructing and Questioning: The Legacy of Praxis in Works and Days""

Phillip Goodwin: "On Theory and Resistance: From an Epistemological to an Ontological Project"

Jason Ludden: "Fighting Climate Change Inside the Academy: A Review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate"

Section II: The Rhetorical Landscape of Capitalism and Climate

Leslie R. Anglesey: "Listening with Intent: Negotiating Rhetorical Listening in Climate Change Debate"

Carl G. Herndl: "The best is the Enemy of the Good: The Gamble of the Environmental Jeremiad"

Celeste M. Condit: "Control by All (Us/Scientists): Intersectionality Through Proliferation"

Ralph Cintron: "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here: Democracy and Climate Change"

Leah Ceccarelli: "Changing Everything about Science and Its Rhetoric"

John Ackerman: "Wild Cosmopolitan Pursuit of a Quotidian Indigeneity"

Section III: Current and Future Rhetorical Interventions

Jaquelyn Davis: "A Place to Begin: Writing New Narratives to Challenge the Climate Crisis"

Crystal Colombini: "Maintaining Markets, Destroying Worlds: The Strategies and Stakes of Economic Denial"

Nancy Welch and Tony Scott: "Between Equal Rights: Rhetorical Discernment in the Era of Climate Conflict"

Lynda Walsh: "Two Way: An ALternative to Synoptic Rhetorics of Climate Change"

Jonathan Alexander: "Comment: Redirecting Attention, Again--and Hope"


Marc Bousquet: "In Defense of Melodramatic Rhetoric"

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